✨ Serial Indiepreneur Story

By Fajar Siddiq 👨🏻‍💻🇸🇬🏝️

Serial Entrepreneur + Indie-Maker + Influencer + Producer + Professional Yo-Yo Player + Digital Nomad + Designer & Developer

Serial Entrepreneur + Indie-Maker + Influencer + Producer + Professional Yo-Yo Player + Digital Nomad + Designer & Developer

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Future of blogging launched. - Issue #54

There are a few reasons from personal choices from my own research and understanding why I want something to be self-hosted, open-source, better technology with JAMstack & manage my own data/content independently with monetization with stripe. So I choose…


10th Year Design Agency Business - Issue #53

This year is special for me as it marks the 10th year anniversary of my design agency business in the year 2021. The old logo was designed in 2005 when I’m freelancing and in 2011 I register the business started as a design agency.I want to revamp my branding…


How I sold over 1000+ t-shirts - Issue #52

💜 My history backgroundI was 19 years old and it was the beginning stage as an entrepreneur. I don’t want to be a business person, all I wanted was to make something & sell. So I learn graphic design in 2005 using MSPaint then adobe photoshop 3.0. I start…


Productize Yourself: How I Made My First Dollar - Issue #51

So I collected some simple details like l domain, and using emoji.Users cant DM me on Twitter for request orders. I use a PSD template to make this can drink. After that, they can upload this png file and it can be used on their personal site to decorate in a…


2021 No Resolution - Issue #50

I’ve been doing these:What I have been doing?1. write more & drink warm water2. start my day early3. rest 8hrs sleep4. cycle, swim5. read some books6. video call with makers/founders7. chat less8. call friends & hang out with family9. reality check10.…


Overcoming burnout from mental health & reversing diabetes took me 2 years - Issue #49

Here’s the breakdown: Stress > Anxiety > Burnout > Pre-Diabetes > Type 2 DiabetesMy story on focusing myself on a better life:It all started from doing hard work. Who would think doing hard work leads to all these? Back in the year, I had a few cl…


Turning your side-projects into profitable micro-startups - Issue #48

I also look for articles and communities about micro startups. I don't want to build a project that costs so much and saves time. I like the idea of being bootstrapped + independent on my projects. So I created a discussion group here at IH you can join if yo…


Gatsby + Figma + Netlify = Free Landing Page - Issue #47

You can download this landing page template for free.What's included? - Gatsby Source code & Figma Design Files✅ Official Website: www.supermakers.xyz🎮 Source Code: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/fajarsiddiq/e/51330 🏝️ Figma File Design: https://www.figma.c…


🏆 Winning Makers Festival “Work From Home Edition” 2020, 🦠 The Covid19 & 🌙 Month Of Ramadan - Issue #46

💜 My Reflection On The Pandemic SituationI question myself, i use to be on the front line but that was way back then. I use to work as a security officer & serve National Service in the Singapore Civil Defence Force 10 years ago. Then i switch my interest…


🤗 Product Hunt Community Member Of The Year 2019 — 🏆 Honorable Mentions - Issue #45

So today was the announcement of the winners! I read every category and also names of the winners. Second of all Congratulations to everyone!


Life is always now - Issue #44

I began doing a lot of self-reflecting when I’m less busy.When I’m busy, everything goes really super fast.One thing after another thing.From notifications, news and so much information.1 week before the year ends, i cut down my activities on social media.I h…


Simple way to start business offline or online - Issue #43

1.Buy & Sell (Actual Product)Buy (low amount of price) & Sell (higher amount of price)Resource to browse:Manufacture Market: https://www.alibaba.com/ (buy or sell)Manufacture Market: https://www.aliexpress.com/ (buy or sell)Dropshipping Powerhouse: ht…


Past, Present & Future: How designing impacted my life. - Issue #42



My Maker’s Kitchen & Makerlog Story to Open Startup Creative Design Agency - Issue #41

In 2016 I join the Producthunt.com community & in 2018 I join the indie hackers & maker’s community online at Twitter, slack, discord & telegram. Learn more about Tech SaaS business models, programming & UI/UX design. I talk to many entreprene…


Kuala Lumpur Trip — Euphorya - Issue #40

I feel so exhausted lately and yet the people around me keep pushing my limits. As for me, the more pressure you put on me, I will feel anxiety. When anxiety strikes i will just automatically shut myself from all the noise and I will start to ignore you. We a…


Jodoh - Issue #39

Jodoh have many means too and also persoalan kahwin tu is yes, memang lah usaha, sini sana ta’aruf but if not success what can we do kan? yes, Mohon doa and also keep going. But things don’t go as it is right. So yeah this is life, everything is written and A…


Homemade Smokey Chicken Mandi Rice - Issue #38

Special thanks to my siblings: sisters & brother for guiding me on the recipes & techniques. Thank you to my guest for joining dinner together. #dapurbujang #arabic #arab #nasimandi #mandhi #mandhirice #homecook #homecooking#nasiarabHomemade Smokey Ch…


Keep going, don’t stop, push harder - Issue #37

Oftentimes, I ask myself, should I really give up? Should I work on better ideas? Or should I just go and work 8–5 jobs? I don’t really like the idea of just earning that way or how things work in that way. I will like to multiply my finances in many ways so …


Akad Nikah & Walima Lunch - Issue #36

May Allah guide him, grant him hidayah, true understanding of the religion in Islam to the straight path with his new family. May Allah grant him sakinah, mawaddah and warrahmah in his marriage in this dunya till akhirah. The food was delicious and ate again!…


Dragonboat 200m Race - Issue #35

Today with my aunt & uncle participate in the 200m Dragon Boat race challenge for a charity event at Kallang River. Paddle! paddle! Coincidence meet my friend and production crew too.